Judge Puts Nail in then Coffin of the Hyundai Peeling Paint Lawsuit

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A peeling paint lawsuit has fallen apart after a judge’s recent dismissal. The judge said this dismissal is with prejudice because the plaintiffs keep repeating the same allegations that were already dismissed.

In other words, the plaintiffs had their chance and blew it. The original lawsuit alleged that Hyundai’s paint falls apart as the polymers break down and make the paint susceptible to peeling and flaking.

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Hyundai's Self-Healing Paint is Really Good at Self-Peeling

Hyundai’s self-healing paint is advertised to heal minor scratches using a chemical compound called scratch recovery clear. However, owners content over time that same compound allows the paint to come off in large sheets.

White paint is peeling to reveal the gray underbody just above the windshield.

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