797,000 Tucson SUVs Recalled for ABS Fires

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Side-view of a blue Tucson

Owners of the 3rd generation Tucson (2016-2021) are being urged to keep their parked vehicles away from anything that can burn until they have a fuse in the antilock braking system (ABS) replaced. If you're wondering if they really mean that, yes. Yes they do Multiple SUVs have caught on fire, both while parked and in motion, due to a short circuit in the ABS.

An investigation found that the fires may not occur if the operating current in the ABS module traveled through a lower amperage fuse so they want to swap the system's current 40-amp fuse for a 25-amp version. I'd personally like a little more certainty than "may not occur," but that's just me.

About the Recall

  • Until that fuse is replaced Hyundai urges you to avoid parking in enclosed structures. But they say driving is safe. Just look out for warning signs like an illuminated ABS light, a burning smell, or flames bursting through your hood. Subtle stuff like that.
  • The recall covers most 2016-2021 Tucson SUVs built between 05/19/2015 and 11/16/2020 in South Korea. Any vehicles with "Smart Cruise Control" are apparently not affected.
  • It was only a couple months ago that the 2019-2021 model years were recalled for fires in electronic control units. What a hot mess.
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